I-SYSTEM Quality Control Procedure

At ISME, we have established a set of guidelines for the I-SYSTEM Quality Control (QC) Procedure, in consistent with the I-SYSTEM Guarantee. We are committed to build customer confidence, satisfaction and long-term trust by providing highest standard of products and services. It is an additional measure to address products inconsistency and faults before it is delivered to our customers.

  • Elements of the I-SYSTEM QC Procedure

    • Written procedure:
      The I-SYSTEM QC Procedure is a carefully planned program to ensure integrity, accuracy, and transparency of our quality assessment process. A series of steps and checklists are thoroughly followed by our technical, inventory and operations team at all times.
    • Timeframe & frequency:
      Inspections of the products are conducted twice.
      • Pre-QC – After assembly/receipt of products, before it is placed into the inventory. Products are required to be inspected within 2 days of receival.
      • Final QC – Prior to delivery of the products. Products are required to be inspected on the day of delivery.
    • QC checklist:
      Our QC checklist is designed to outline quality standards and product requirements based on the criteria below:
      • Physical check – missing parts, scratches, cracks, size, dimensions, packing, etc.
      • Functionality – display, computed mode, etc.
      • Electrical – power supply, output, etc.
      • Bolting details – type of connections, thickness, etc.
      • Remarks and next action
    • Video & documentation: 
      The QC processes are only conducted at the QC station, where the process is recorded on the video camera. The inspections and checklist are then documented and archived internally. This is a preventive measure to ensure integrity and transparency of the QC process.
    • Void stickers with unique serial number:
      Once the inspection is passed, the I-SYSTEM “Tested OK” void stickers is placed on the product. Each void sticker has a unique serial number. With this unique serial number, customers will be able to trace the record of a purchase or service. It will protect the customers’ rights and enable support and services covered in the I-SYSTEM 1+1 Warranty.
    • I-SYSTEM 1+1 Warranty
      You are automatically eligible to 1 year coverage of product support from manufacturer against manufacturing defects; plus 1 year support from ISME. This includes free troubleshooting and diagnosis. Replacements of spare parts are also available to ensure minimal downtime of your operations. (Note that the 1+1 Warranty does not apply to consumable products and is subject to terms and conditions). 

Implementing a QC procedure requires resources, technical expertise and time. We are constantly seeking improvements in our processes to achieve a balance between tools and techniques, technical proficiency, record collection and data transparency.

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