NEW!! Vortex & Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Introducing the Vortex and Thermal Mass Flowmeter by COMATE.

Recently, ISME has embarked on an exclusive new partnership with COMATE as their authorised agent in Malaysia. COMATE is a leading professional fluids measurement solution provider for air, gas and steam, specializing in Vortex Flowmeters and Thermal Mass Flowmeters, with communication capability via Bluetooth and APP which allows users to access and diagnose the meter remotely, on a smart device.

  • VFM60 Vortex Flowmeter
    • Suitable for gas, steam and liquid applications. Fluids must be homogeneous and single-phase
    • Muti-variable version available
  • TGF600 Thermal Mass Flowmeter
    • Suitable for measuring air, N2, O2, CO2, Argon, CH4, natural gas, biogas and almost all dry and clean air
  • TGF450 Thermal Mass Flowmeter
    • Designed for air and Nitrogen applications, such as compressed air, venting air, aeration, process protection Nitrogen, combustion air, etc.
  • TGF200 Thermal Mass Micro Flowmeter
    • Small pipeline measurement
    • Suitable for measuring air, Nitrogen and other non-corrosive fluid

With over 16 years’ experience in research and development along with a comprehensive quality control management system, COMATE provides innovative and intelligent solutions to accomplish accurate measurement and data analysis. COMATE also provides IOT solutions for Compressed Air Measurement System, that is essential to evaluate the power efficiency, air quality and safety of compressed air system in any industrial application.

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